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Feature No. 1: Danielle Pusateri

Fashion Designer

Being an American maker to me means having the ability and freedom to do what I love and create my own path and career. It’s about having the ability to make decisions that will allow you to shape your life. It’s also about practicing and instilling a great work ethic in those around me.

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Feature No. 2: Ben Mirka

Graphic Designer

For me, being an American maker is about embodying a certain type of spirit. It’s embracing and utilizing the opportunity that’s afforded to you simply by being in America. Especially for someone like me, who was born in Seoul. I recognize that opportunity, and it makes me just want to get after it, and execute everything I do to a high level.

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Feature No. 3: Lou Wilder

Mixologist + singer + MMA fighter

A life well lived touches a lot of people. It means you were able to affect people in a positive way, teach others and leave something behind for your family. Whether that’s your work or some type of reputation, you make things a bit easier for them.

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Feature No. 4: Chuck Falk

Barber + Business Owner

I think it means being creative in any way that you see fit. Specifically for me, I’m creative with how I cut others’ hair. In general, being an American maker, just means you can really do anything. I think it’s important for everyone to utilize their creativity to make their community a better place.

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Feature No. 5: Vincent Morelli

Cook + Entrepreneur

To me it means conceptualizing ideas and making a reality. As an American maker I hope to create atmospheres, ideas, and products that bring people together and that promote positive growth in the world.

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